Obtain Past Bankruptcy Court Records

Official bankruptcy records and discharge copies from all district bankruptcy courts in the United States available online

Get Your Bankruptcy Records Fast!

We start processing your order as soon as the order form is submitted. There is no need to spend hours struggling to get a copy of your bankruptcy paperwork. 

Bankruptcy documents are also available for a fee at http://www.pacer.gov. In order to use the pacer.gov service, you will need to be a registered user and have you billing information stored. We DO NOT store any billing information for this one time transaction.

You WILL NOT be billed until your documents are sent.
Bankruptcy Discharge Papers

Includes: Dicharge Papers - Proof case has been discharged or dismissed (2 pages total) 

Full Bankruptcy File

Includes: Full Case File - Discharge, Petition, Schedules D, E, F, A-C, G-J, and more (25-40 pages total).

Schedules & Discharge Papers

Includes: Discharge Papers + Schedules D, E, & F. All Creditors included in case (5-7 pages total)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What benefits does this service have?

  1. 1. You don't need to create an account or be a registered user.
  2. 2. We don't store any of your billing information.
  3. 3. We offer a credit repair ebook for customers looking to repair their credit post bankruptcy.
  4. 4. Our porcess is quick and easy.

How will I be billed?
When you submit an order, you will be directed to stripe to submit your payment information. Stripe will then verify the funds, but won't charge you for the transaction. Once we have processed your order and sent the documents to you, we will then complete the order by capturing the verified amount specified at the time the order was placed.

Can I order records for someone else?
Yes, if we can find the file you can request the bankruptcy records of anyone.

What if my file can not be found?
We simply verify your payment at the time of purchase, but do not capture funds until the documents are sent. If we can't locate your documents, the funds are never captured and no billing takes place.

I haven't received my records!
Don't worry. Contact us and your records will be emailed to you again at no charge.

How fast will I get my documents?
We usually complete orders in less than 10 minutes during normal business hours (9am-6pm). All other order will be filled within 60 minutes.

How can i get my documents?
You get them by email. You can also get them by fax or through the mail.